Welcome to the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences


The Veterinary education in East Africa started in 1942 in Makerere College which was affiliated to University of London in 1959, this Veterinary school shifted from Uganda (Makerere University) to Kenya and 1962 the School was incorporative into University Collage of Nairobi, Kabete Campus. Later the school was elevated to Nairobi Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1972 and started to award the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. In Tanzania the Veterinary Education started when the division of Veterinary Science was established under the Faculty of Agriculture and Forest of University of Dar es Salaam 1976. After establishment of Sokoine University of Agriculture, the Division of Veterinary Science was elevated to form the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Initially the Faculty was offering the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) which was later changed to Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM). Currently, in addition to BVM the College also offers the Bachelor of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science (BLS) and postgraduate degrees at Masters and PhD Levels.

Vision and Mission of the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences is an integral part of the Sokoine University of Agriculture and it conduct its affairs within the context of the institutional mission, vision and policies.

Our Vision

The Vision of the College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences  is to become an international recognized centre of excellence and valued member of the Veterinary Education and allied sciences in view to promote socioeconomic development through practical skills, entrepreneurship, research and integration of basic and applied knowledge in solving societal challenges.

Our Mission

The College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences  has a-threefold Mission; training, research and provision of consultancy, advisory services and patient care to a broad range of clients in public and private sectors.